Japan Home Center Philippines

"Better Selection of goods and Best Value thru Efficient Sourcing”

Dynamic Merchandising is one of our key to success. Our strength lies on our strong merchandising strategy and our ever dynamic merchandising team making it possible for us to launch hundreds of new and unique imported "high quality” items every month to provide customers the thrill every time they visit the store. This unique approach that only JHC can offer makes shoppers keep coming back for more.

Unlike others where anything goes into the shelves ending up with more worthless merchandise, ours passes through series of tests and thorough screening ending up with only the best of the best. Only hundreds of new items make it to the shelves every month from a wide selection of thousand new ones.

Our system enables us to buy from various sources and maintain at least 10,000 varieties of good and trusted products at any given time with the commitment of buying only High Quality, Exclusive, Branded and Value products.

Our team is composed of very dynamic and experienced merchandisers that source our products primarily from Japan. To further maintain our competitiveness, JHC has setup sourcing offices in Japan and Hong Kong that are fully dedicated for merchandising purposes.

Thus, No other can offer a much Better Selection of Merchandise to the local market by selling Branded and High quality High value products other than JHC. With our expertise and skills, JHC is guaranteed to provide the best deal in town.

Japan Home Center Philippines

"No Middle Man, Efficient System thus Lowest Selling Price”

Operational Efficiencies has propelled JHC to be competitive in the market. By developing a totally unique approach to run its internal operation, it has perfected its system and work flow from its operation, merchandising, logistic and retail chain. This system allows the company to import thousands of item varieties monthly from foreign manufacturers directly to its store without the need of multiple middle agents in the most efficient manner using the least personnel and lowest inventory level in order to maintain its competitiveness in the long run. "

Japan Home Center Philippines

"Fun and entertainment in Shopping create more Sales”

Unique Shopping Environment that only JHC can provide. A single price point reduces the stress in shopping as consumers can foresee their budget when purchasing, thus providing convenience to the majority. Other pricing strategies include the buy one take one or 2/88 pricing on a regular basis, which in turn provides even more flexibility to their pockets. We offer trusted brand products, bulk packs or in bigger sizes as compared to other OEM products of similar concept.

Aside from the price, its unique merchandise are guaranteed of best quality and value for the given price. Customers just couldn’t stop and wonder how big and many they can buy with their budget in JHC. The everyday savings and "Best Buys” they get from shopping provided a level of fun and entertainment that only JHC can give.


"Branded products means Quality products”

Branded products like no premium. Most of the products sold in all JHC retail chain are either exclusive products or popular brands. Its exclusive products are found nowhere else in the local market. In the past several years, JHC had signed several exclusive partnership agreements with major Japanese suppliers strengthening its product line. Most of the top Japanese suppliers have exclusive supply agreements with JHC.

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