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We at Japan Home Centre strongly believe that "branded products mean quality products.” What differentiates us from the rest is that we are branded. JHC opt to source good branded products and negotiate thru volume discount rather than look for own/ single brand of cheaper products and poor quality to fit into its selling price. That is why here in Japan Home Centre, you can only find merchandise that are good brands that guarantees its quality. Offering a wide range of merchandise, our products are carefully selected and scrutinized up to the last details to provide consumers the best quality products at very affordable price. We offer only either exclusive products or trusted brands in all of our retail chain. Through volume and direct purchase from strong manufacturers, we are able to negotiate for the lowest price. Its very unique line up of merchandise makes consumers keep coming back for more. In the past several years, JHC had signed several exclusive partnership agreements with major Japanese suppliers strengthening its product line with majority of the top Japanese suppliers having an exclusive supply agreement with JHC.

"It's being branded without a Premium"

Japan Home Pigeon Edo Pack UCC
Hikari Softsoap Cisco Sangaria
Novahome SUN Bourbon Dodo
Izumi Lion Furuta Hello Kitty
Nakaya Kyowa Nissin Bandai
Inomata Bulldog Tomy
Nakajima Sony House Disney
PARKA The Glass Mitsubishi Maruha Hichiro Fixpix
Glasslock Panasonic Imperial Magic Fix
Tark Sanyo Sanko Seika Greenlife
Kato SB Sachi Jewelries

Our store carriers TRUSTED, POPULAR and EXCLUSIVE brands

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