At JHC, we work hard to ensure that the products on our shelves meet the demands of every individual we serve from their needs to their likes. We have partnered with hundreds of suppliers ranging from a one person shop to a public listed company. Some sell products in just a few stores while others supply nationwide. Maintaining a diverse merchandise mix is the key to our success.

As we continuously expand and grow, we rely on a large network of suppliers to provide the merchandise mix our customers wants and needs. As a result, we are constantly looking to expand our selection by establishing partnerships with new companies and small business owners. Having a wide range of merchandise category and customer base, we are interested to any merchandise that is of good quality, unique, and of good value.


Q : What is the first step to offer or supply Japan Home Centre?
A : Fill up Supplier Offer form and submit or email us your proposal or offer at

Q : Any particular type or restriction of merchandise to be offered?
A : With our wide range of merchandise mix, we are open for offers for any merchandise.

Q : Any parameters in the merchandise to be offered?
A : We are looking for Japanese brand items and Japanese Products at value price.

Q : Do you buy stock lot or closeout items?
A : Yes. We are also on the look for stock lot or closeout merchandise at special price.

Existing Supplier

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